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Are you wondering whether to get a flu shot... or not? Check this information out first.

Is Flu Vaccine Effective?

Vaccine makers and health officials want the public to believe that mortalities in the greatest flu pandemic in history, the 1918 worldwide pandemic, were caused by influenza virus. Guess what? It wasn't the flu that killed the 100 million who died.
"Medical and scientific experts now agree that
bacteria, not influenza viruses, were the
greatest cause of death during the 1918 flu

Read this 2008 research by our own government investigators. It's something many have known for a long time.

CDC says 36,000 yearly die from flu.
THEY are misleading the public
ACTUAL annual flu deaths: about 1600
(see page 11 of this report)

Medical Centers Reject Drug Company Money and Gifts

Flu shots in elderly questioned

Flu risks exaggerated; benefit of vaccine questionable

Most doctors take gifts

Heartland Healing article from the Reader 2007 on flu shots


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