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Our Mission:
To provide information to the public about the alternative healing arts and to provide service to the community.

If you have found this website helpful, please help us keep it going.

The Heartland Healing Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is supported by your donations.

Heartland Healing
is a non-profit incorporated in the State of Nebraska

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Who we are &
how to contact us

Heartland Healing is a nonprofit corporation devoted to providing information to the public about the Alternative Healing Arts. This website is one of the ways we fulfill that mission.

What we do

The work of Heartland Healing is supported by tax-deductible charitable donations. Services to the public are provided without any required fee. Donations are welcome.

Heartland Healing serves the public in a number of ways. These are some of the projects that help us meet our goal:

  • Heartland Healing Website
    The website provides informational articles, a directory of practitioners in the Heartland and links to related sites. The public can find out about therapies here and locate a practitioner. Interested in having your alternative healing or natural health products and services listed in our online directory? Click here for details.

  • Healing Arts Directory™
    Each year from 1997 to 2008, we published a directory of alternative practitioners and facilities in the Omaha-Lincoln area. The directory offered free listings for any Alternative Healing Arts practitioner in the area and was distributed throughout the year in over 500 locations in the Metro Area. Since 2008, our bi-monthly magazine has served the purpose of identifying practitioners in the area.

  • Heartland Healing Magazine
    Heartland Healing publishes a free bi-monthly magazine distributed in over 250 locations. The magazine emphasizes the holistic nature of community and offers an advertising venue for practitioners and businesses as well as informative articles and features.

  • Informative Articles and Columns
    Each year, Heartland Healing publishes over 50 articles about the Alternative Healing Arts or related subjects. These are published primarily in the Reader newspaper, available online and are often reprinted by other sources.

  • Practitioner Database
    Heartland Healing maintains a database of practitioners in the Omaha/Council Bluffs/Lincoln area and provides this information to the public at no charge. This helps residents locate practitioners but is not a recommendation or referral.

  • Heartland Healing PATV
    From 1995 through 2006, we produced a weekly Public Access TV show on COX Cable in Omaha. The half-hour show featured practitioners and modalities in the Metro Area. Selected interviews may be made available upon request.

  • Presentations, Consultations, Lectures
    Heartland Healing responds to invitations to consult with various organizations and public service groups to help assess the state of community health and the course needed for improvement. Examples include activity with Our Healthy Community Partnership sponsored by the Douglas County Health Dept., the Tri-County Human Care Profile Conference held by United Way; School District 66 classes for Westside High School students and lectures, classes and teaching at other Metro Area schools, churches, hospitals and businesses. Heartland Healing initiated a program at the Watanabe Wellness Center providing hypnotherapy and guided visualization for Nebraska Aids Project clients.

  • Mentoring
    We provide one-on-one mentoring and respond to any request for help in the area of Alternative Healing Arts.

  • Promotion
    Heartland Healing acquires commercial advertising to promote this website and the Healing Arts Directory so that the public knows where to find practitioners.

Help support the alternative healing arts

Heartland Healing is a recognized nonprofit corporation designated as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations are tax-deductible as described by IRS guidelines.

In addition, Heartland Healing and Omaha's Desktop Ad Shop will design, post and maintain your practitioner or vendor webpage here, promote it through our site advertising and a portion of the small monthly fee is donated to Heartland Healing.

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