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Omaha and Midwest
sources for Healthy Foods

Mary Marshall LMT
(402) 758-8951

Natural Health Center, PC
Shawn M. Schmidt, DC
8001 Chicago Street
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 399-2020

Pasture raised, grass fed meats
Pawnee Pride Meats
71718 617th Ave.,
Steinauer, NE 68441
(402) 869-2396

Asheville Farm
Farm-fresh, Omega-3 eggs, chemical-free produce
Asheville, NC 28748

Antioxidant-rich Nopalea juice from Sonoran Bloom TriVita
(800) 281-3369

Vote Real Food
Village Pointe Farmers Market in Omaha
Real food. Real farmers.
168th & West Dodge
Saturdays, April-October

Village Pointe Farmers Market

Vitality and Prosperity - Life, Health and Wellness Coaching
Michelle Merritt

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