Bio-Geometric Integration –
What' s the matter? Nothing is the matter.

by Michael Braunstein

  For me it happened when I was about 9 years old. One Saturday, my sister took me to the old downtown library in Omaha. She had a summer job there when she was a freshman at Duchesne College. It was a great treat. I loved books and when she installed me in the Children's Department with orders to stay there, I was like a kid in a candy store.
  I wandered over to the shelves and a book with a bright red spine caught my eye. When I pulled it down it became the first book I ever picked out to read all by myself. It was a Walt Disney book and its title was Our Friend, the Atom. It was the story of the atom and nuclear energy.
  By the time an hour had passed, the way I looked at the world and everything in it, including my body, was changed forever. This book told me that all things were made of atoms. More than that, it explained that those atoms were almost entirely made up of only energy. It hit me pretty hard. My body only appeared solid. I was really made up of nothing but energy! Matter hardly existed at all. In the end analysis, there were only tiny little particles that appeared to be solid. And now, in the year 2000, we know that even those tiny particles are not solid. It's beginning to look like there may not be any matter at all, only energy at different frequencies.
  Dr. James Urban is a chiropractor. He works with bodies. He graduated from the very school where chiropractic was first established, Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. But Dr. Urban has come to realize that he is really working with energy.
  "I was in San Francisco for a workshop in 1993. I thought I knew what chiropractic was all about. But I heard Dr. Reggie Gold describe chiropractic in a way I had never realized before. Chiropractic is more than just that ‘neck pain, back pain' sort of thing. It can help the body express itself in health and create more potential within itself," Dr. Urban explained.
  "Basically we are bodies of energy. When that energy gets blocked it gets stored in the body as stress. It gets into the geometric structure of the body and starts to affect it," Urban said.
  Urban works with a method of healing newly called Bio-Geometric Integration or BGI. BGI was formally developed by Susan Brown, a Chicago chiropractor. Brown was a seismologist before studying chiropractic. Seismology studies energy on a global scale. When Brown became a chiropractor, her understanding of energy and its effect on matter was not lost. Energy stored in matter wants to be released. When kinetic energy is stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth, it releases as an earthquake. In the body, stored energy can have disastrous effects too.

  In standard chiropractic care, the doctor uses a gentle pressure or force to adjust the alignment of the spine. Health results when the stress is relieved. BGI identifies the stresses that have been stored in the body and helps the body release them. Rather than use force to move the spine, the force that is already in the body is released.
  "BGI is literally using the energy within the body to make the release," explained Urban.
  "With a standard chiropractic adjustment you're putting force into the body to make an adjustment; with BGI we use the force that's already within the body to make the adjustment.
"First, I palpate the body to uncover the tone that is there. The body has a certain tone throughout it. There should be a similar tone head to toe."
  This tone to the muscle and the rest of the body tells the trained practitioner where energy might be blocked. Like other alternative therapies, BGI recognizes the innate healing energy of the body.
  "If tension or energy build up in an area, the body becomes rigid. But if we can get a little more equal tone to it, then the body has a greater chance to recover. Energy can get stuck in the body; it holds tension. The body knows what it needs to do. All we want to do is help it along," Urban said.
  Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, was far more spiritual than even most chiropractors realize.
  "I think that Dr. Palmer had a bigger idea of what chiropractic is," said Urban. "In fact, break down the word subluxation, and ‘sub means less than and ‘lux' means light and basically we're light bodies and Palmer was teaching this 105 years ago. We're bodies of energy and releasing the blocks to energy gets back to uniting man the physical with man the spiritual."
  How we think about a thing determines whether it stresses us or not. Stored energies in the body are actually stored thoughts.
  "Thought has a huge role. Thought affects the subconscious mind and has a role in stress. As far as how we perceive things it may create stress in the body. It's a question of perception as to whether something is stressful to a person or not. Change perception, which we are all capable of, then we can change our stresses," Urban reminded.
  "In a BGI adjustment, someone may feel a release that is emotional or part of a memory. As the body begins to unwind, some of the deep thought tensions that have been stored start to come to the surface and they start to release. One thing that people begin to notice is that things start to change in their life. It may be a relationship, it may be some childhood trauma and different things come up. If we can work through these thoughts and realize that basically we're all one and that there's unity throughout rather than separation then we can evolve."
  Keep the energy flow, keep the tension low. When that happens, we have "Our Friend, the Body."
Be well.
Free the Body from Stress

  "We're constantly bombarded by stresses; energies that are physical, emotional, chemical," Omaha Chiropractor Dr. James Urban said.
  "If the body can't integrate or dissipate that stress, it begins to store it. Bodies weren't meant to store energy but to keep energy in motion. With BGI, the whole idea is to find where the body is storing that energy or tension and get that tension released."
  It's a known fact that stress is a killer. It is implicated in virtually every disease. But the conventional medical model is at a loss to really explain why that is. Fortunately, Bio-Geometric Integration is more advanced than convention.
  The basis of chiropractic is to improve the flow of energy through the body. That's what its originator, Doctor D. D. Palmer, realized. Since the nervous system is the carrier of energy and communication to every part of the body, it is crucial that nothing impede that flow. When the structure of the body impairs nerve flow, the entire body is affected. Since the most important nervous structures are the brain and the spinal column, it is paramount that the flow through them is even and constant. That is why chiropractic originated to adjust the geometry of the spine to make sure no nerves were impinged.
  When the spinal vertebrae are out of alignment, it is called a subluxation. Chiropractors adjust the spine so that the stress on the nerves is released. BGI is an advanced technique that recognizes the energy stored in the body that is often referred to as stress or tension.
  "There are unintegrated forces in the body that we store as stress and tension in the physical structure of the body. The tone of the event locked in the physical structure of the body changes the geometry of the body affecting all of the physical structures. The musculo-skeletal and ligamental systems are all involved. The tension in these systems blocks the flow of energy through the system," Dr. Urban described.
  Unlocking that stored stress is a goal of Bio-Geometric Integration.


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Michael Braunstein is Executive Director of Heartland Healing and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in clinical hypnotherapy. He graduated from the Los Angeles Hypnotism Training Institute and was an instructor at the UCLA Extension University for 11 years.

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